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How to sell faster?

How to sell faster?
3 Nov 2020

How to sell your property faster?

What if you just had to follow 5 tips to ensure a quick sale?

You are not the only one selling your house or apartment, yet by following these tips you are guaranteed to sell first!
So let's not waste any more time!

1. The right price

Advertise your property at the right price and the first thing to do to ensure a quick sale.
Ask your agent for advice , his knowledge of the market will be your best ally.

2. Small jobs?

A leaking faucet? A badly screwed door handle? A falling curtain bar?
So many small jobs that can frighten future buyers. Fix them! Small repairs can make a big difference.

3. Cleanse your interior

Declutter your interior, remove your family photos etc. The buyer needs to feel at home, to see the potential of your property.
To purify does not mean depersonalized, to add a few cushions of colors, we must be able to remember this visit!

4. The first impression

The buyer gets an opinion in 30 seconds! So you have to be welcoming and tidy
A cluttered room could make believe in a lack of space, which is not a good point for the sale.
A visit planned? Consider adding charm to your interior, setting up a table, adding a few flowers or plants, bringing in as much light as possible.

5. The key pieces

There are 2 rooms on which to bet everything, the kitchen and the bathroom. They are the most important parts at the time of purchase, so special attention should be paid to them.

To summarize :

1. We set the right price
2. We finish the small works in progress
3. We make room
4. We decorate for visits
5. Priority to the kitchen and the bathroom

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