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The Spanish Kings Cake

The Spanish Kings Cake
5 Jan 2020

What is the "Roscón de Reyes"?
A bun made from sweet dough, flavored with orange blossom and garnish with candied fruit. It can also be filled, with whipped cream or pastry cream, but also with chocolate for the greediest. Like the Kings Cake, we place a bean inside, but also a dry bean! The one who discovers the bean in his share of the roscón, is crowned, while the one who obtains the dry bean must pay the roscón. It is served on January 6, called "Dia de los Reyes"

Find the recipe for the original roscón at the following link, and enjoy your meal! https://www.pequerecetas.com/receta/receta-de-roscon-de-reyes-casero-paso-a-paso/

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