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Purchase fees in Spain

Purchase fees in Spain
3 Jan 2020

You want to buy a property in Spain?

Are you talking about 13% fees ?
No one is able to tell you “exactly” how much are these purchase fees? The reason is simple, they vary!

First, there is the purchase fee, « ITP » for resale, or VAT for new property They amont to 10% on the Valencian municipality. Yes, on the Valencian municipality, because they vary from one region to another.
In addition to the 10%, only for the new property, we added 1.5% for non-residents, or 0.1% for residents, for the tax stamps.

Then, there is the notary fees Once again, these fees vary according to the number of pages (escritura). It takes about 800 euros for a notarial act, and 400 euros more for a registration.

Now, room for attorney’s fees (Legal Office) You will understand, each office will have a different price. The legal office verifies that the property is in "compliance" with the documents, no illegal work, no debts etc. It will also change the meters of electricity, water and gas. The legal office is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.

When we buy a property, it is often all our savings that pass there, it is better to take no risks.

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