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Turrón: The original recipe

Turrón: The original recipe
16 Dec 2019

In Spain, the night of December 24 is called "nochevieja".

And the Spanish also have their culinary customs during these end of year celebrations.
If in terms of dishes, we are used to preparing pork or lamb, it is especially on desserts that the Spanish have all bet with the "Turrón", the "Mazapan", and the "Polvorones"

The Turrón is a confectionery, made of sugar, honey, egg white and especially almonds. It strongly resembles Nougat. Of course, there are endless variations: caramel, coconut, white chocolate, etc. 

The Mazapan, which is actually an almond paste, rolled into a small ball. But this one has a "denominacion de origen protegida", it is a label which aims to protect the Spanish know-how, thus, they will be made from bitter almonds and lemon essence. 

And finally, the Polvorones, are small shortbread cookies, covered with icing sugar

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