amael 2017-05-09

400,000 tourists on the Costa Blanca Coast. It is the biggest tourist attraction area of all Spain. The annual  sunshine and the lower cost of living than the average European standards push many of them coming from Northern Europe to invest and to enjoy a more comfortable retirement than in London,Paris, or Brussels…... The sea, the sun and the mountains replace the subway, the rain and the pollution.

Between March 2016 and March 2017, tourist influx has increased by 25% according to the National Institute of Statistics. For some, it can be explained  by the political context of  the North African countries and the resurgence of  terrorisme. Contrariwise the Costa Blanca is a haven of peace where golfers , mountain and  sea lovers are pleased to come.In Torrevieja, between Alicante and Murcia, the population is as cosmopolite  as in Sydney or New York since 53% of its population is foreign. A miniature Europe on the scale of your street between the sun, the sea and the mountain?